Book review: Life in the slow lane by David Cornthwaite


Dave is an English adventurer, writer and filmaker. He is best known for his expedition 1000 project – 25 expeditions of 1000 miles each. He holds the Guinness world record for traveling the furthest distance by longboard after he skated 5823 km from Perth to Brisbanein Australia in 2006. (……/wiki/David_Cornthwaite)

The reason I hate this book, is not because its not a brilliantly written piece of literature, but rather because of pure jealousy. I start to get itchy feet when I read about peoples adventures, especially when I have one in the pipeline. Dave took the courage to give up his day job entirely to pursue his adventure lifestyle and make a career out of it. How many of us hate or jobs but don’t have the balls to do what makes us happy? The book follows Dave’s 1000 mile journey across america in a bicycle car. Some insightful anecdotes and close calls makes for an enjoyable and inspiring read. I’m looking forward to his next adventure.

For more of Dave’s adventures vistit:


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