Book review: Moods of future joys by Alistair Humphrey’s

“If you’re not hurting you’re not riding hard enough
If you’re not hungry you’ve eaten too much
If you’re not cold you’re carrying too many clothes
If you know you will succeed its too easy”


Alastair Humphreys is an English cyclist, adventurer, author and motivational speaker.  He is a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. Moods of future joys is the first book in the series covering part of his cycle around the world. Humphreys began his journey in August 2001 from his Yorkshire home. Passing south through Europe and Africa, he crossed to South America by sea from Cape Town (where the book ends) and proceeded up the west coast of the Americas, crossed from Alaska to Magadan in Russia, Japan then westward across China and Central Asia to return to Europe. His journey included raising funds and awareness for a charity called Hope and Homes for Children. Humphreys arrived home in November 2005, having ridden 46,000 miles over four years and three months. (….wiki/Alastair_Humphreys)

This book was hard to put down and made for great arm chair adventuring. Moods of future joys is quite possibly the best cycle touring book I’ve read to date. Al is a well read and talented writer. The book is filled with quotes from other famous adventurer’s and author’s. Descriptive and colourfull writing puts you in the saddle next to Al, as he brave’s his way across Africa. Al is also well known for his idea of microadventures. I have modeled some of my adventures on his concept. An explanation can be found on my website


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