Expedition’s, like micro-adventures are about passion, enthusiasm and a drive to be outdoors. They usually require significantly more planning than a short adventure, as you will be away from home for extended periods of time.

In the pipeline and expedition idea’s:


1) In March 2014 I plan on cycling the Spine of the Dragon: a +- 4000km mountain bike ride from Beit Bridge to Cape Town in aid of PETS ( Pet empowerment in Township). Making this route even more challenging: I will be towing  custom built trailer  to accommodate a dog box to take my two Jack Russel’s along. Read more about this  epic charity expedition:  Barking Mad.



2) Sail as small craft from Cape Town to Durban. My Uncle, Bruce Davis, has designed and developed a Kat Kayak that you can paddle, sail or motor with a small outboard. I hope to sail from Cape Town to Durban in his small craft while camping on the beach each night. The main obstacles are launching and recovering the kayak through crashing surf. Also, I have never really sailed, so lack of experience could be a real concern. But what would adventure be without a bit of risk thrown into the mix.

3.) Surf Cycle the East coast of Madagascar: After embarking on a two week surf cycle adventure from Plettenberg Bay to Cape Town, I came up with the idea of this expedition. I’ll post more details shortly as this project evolves. I have one friend eager to join me on this trip and were’re setting our sight’s on 2015.

Got a great idea for an expedition? I would love to hear from you. Post you idea in the comment box below.