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I will soon be embarking on a 4000 km km charity cycle with my two Jack Russell’s  (see Barking Mad Charity Cycle): I have been informed by my girlfriend that if anything should happen to our furry companions, I should just keep pedaling and not bother coming home. In light of my girlfriends instructions I contacted Rogz Pet Insurance,who were eager to hear about my project and even decided to sponsor 3 x  Rogz Hamper’s as prizes for those who donate R50 via EFT to my cause. Click here to donate and win!

Rogz Dog Hamper

Protect Your Pet with Rogz Pet Insurance

“Accidents and serious illness can affect your pet at any time, no matter what their age. Pet insurance helps pay for your pet’s unexpected veterinary care. As pet owners, you may be concerned about veterinary costs and want to avoid the price shock when faced with an accident or your pet becomes seriously ill.

Rogz Pet Insurance helps you pay these unexpected veterinary bills. We take the financial aspect out of decisions relating to your pet, ensuring that you always do the best you can.”

Pet insurance has saved many pets lives. Your pets deserve quality cover for those unforeseen circumstances, just like you do!

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