Surf Cycle: A bicycle touring adventure


In February this year I completed a +-800km cycle from Jeffrey’s Bay to Cape Town. Behind my bicycle I towed a two wheeled trailer, my surf board, fishing rod and camping gear.I am not a streamlined cyclist, and I carry more spare tyres around my waist than I do on my trailer. Besides my clear lack of fitness, the idea of towing 30kg’s of gear behind my bicycle left me rather nervous but eager none the less.

I cycled from backpacker to backpacker where possible. Each days goal: look for surf, catch a fish, sleep somewhere cheap.

imageMy efforts produced priceless rewards, from some amazing experience’s to random generosity from complete strangers: I bungi jumped with 3 dutch girls. Cycled the Bloukrans Pass which is closed to traffic and felt lost in the winding ravine with encroaching forest and fresh mountain streams. I surfed with a shark clearly visible in the face of a wave in Nature’s valley where I quickly aquaplained back to shore with frantic paddling whilst I pooed enough proverbial bricks to build the pyramids. Got saddle sores on completing my 1st century ever on a bike which left me with a banger and mash instead of a vienna and beans.

This trip proves that adventure is on your doorstep. You don’t need the jet lag of an expensive trip to some far-flung archipelago, you just need to make the effort to seek it out.

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